Overlanding is usually done by truck (carrying a max of 26 people) on the longer journeys or by vehicles carrying at least 10 people on the shorter or more upmarket options. Almost always - overlands are participation tours, whether you choose a standard or upmarket option.

We have a few short tours included in this category of only 3 days, which cover small areas, right through to 56 days, which will take you all the way from Cape Town (South Africa) to Nairobi (Kenya)!

Overlands are suited towards the adventurous at heart, no matter what your age! Accommodation is usually tented, but everything is provided for you in most cases (occasionally not your sleeping bag) - check the included and excluded list on the itinerary that interests you! Our Standard Overlands often have basic camping facilities and your group size is most often quite large - up to about 26 people in some cases. Our Upmarket Overlands are often still camping, and in some areas of Africa - basic camping.

The biggest difference between the upmarket and standard is the group size. On the Upmarket Overlands, the group size is smaller and you will often travel by 4 X 4 instead of overland truck. The essence of overlanding remains the same though! If you are looking for luxury in the African Bush - rather try out our Upmarket Safari Section. Overlanding is definitely more for those that have a wild streak of adventure in their hearts!

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