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Victoria Falls Map

A rough map showing Victoria Falls and the surounding area. 

Remember that the Victoria Falls form the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, so don't forget your passport.

Designed by Sir Ralph Freeman, the same engineer who designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Victoria Falls Bridge is an engineering feat linking Zimbabwe and Zambia.  Spanning 152 meters, the bridge was the brainchild of Sir Cecil John Rhodes, who wanted the "spray of the Falls on the train carriages" - even though he never visited the Falls and died before construction of the Bridge began.

Located just below the Falls, and completed in just 14 month, the Bridge made way for modern-day tansportation and commerce to reach central Africa.

Constructed from steel, the arch spans 156.50 meters, with a height of 128 meters above the valley floor.  Like Sydney, the Btridge carries cars, trains and foot traffic and plays host to the world-famous, 111 metre Bungi Jump.


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These relatively new activities are operated on a spectacular site above Rapid 7. A safety instructor briefs guests on the area and proper use of the equipment before starting. The abseil is 53 metres moving down the gorge wall backwards or clients can "rap jump" facing towards.


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The Victoria Falls Bungi jump challenges the limits of your mind.  Located on the Victoria Falls Bridge, between the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia, with the Falls as a backdrop. This is arguably the best bungi jump in the world. Test the boundaries of your fear and experience the true sense of safe recklessness as you plummet 111 metres towards the Zambezi River.


STANDARD BUNGI JUMP:  The most popular jump - The cord is attached to your ankles with a self-loading knot. You are attached to the cord by a full body harness as well.  Walk to the edge, take a deep breath and ...5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - BUNGI!!!  Leap as far away from the platform as possible for the best effect.

STAR ELEVATOR:  You are attached to the cord via a full harness from the chest area.  Hang your heels over the edge of the platform, count down, and jump backwards as far as you can. And don't forget to scream!!  This is definitely not one for the faint hearted.

SHOOTING STAR:  Same set-up as the Star Elevator but you run off the edge at a sprint.  You will flip onto your back and then into one hell of a swing.  Fear has no mercy!!

BACK DIVE:  The cord is attached to your ankles, as per the standard jump.  However this time you leap backwards, flip over and plummet into a headfirst dive.  The adrenalin fix you are unlikely to forget.

TANDEM BUNGI JUMP:  2 people are harnessed together - side-by-side.  The cord is attached to both sets of ankles and you jump together.  This is a great way for two people to share this adrenaline experience together.

  • During the rainy season (Nov to Feb), bungi jumping may be interrupted by rain
  • Bungi does not provide transfers to/from the Bridge
  • Bring your passport


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The flying fox is a cable slide high above the gorge and clients "fly" across, attached to a special body harness. They are then pulled back to the gorge so there is no walkout. 


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The gorge swing entails throwing yourself off the edge of the cliff attached to a body harness and free falling for 50 metres before being swung out into the middle of the gorge. The jump ends with several pendulum swings before clients are lowered to the ground. At the bottom there is a track back to the top of the gorge.


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Experience our legendary "Flight of Angles" for a spectacular aerial view of the Victoria Falls.  Choose from our standard 13-minute flight or a 30-minute "Game Flight".  This is a Victoria Falls "MUST DO".  The helicopter seating is designed so that all passengers have a good view on the Falls and the scenery below. 

View the falls from a completely unique and unrivalled perspective.  It's a known fact - the power of a different perspective can alter your perception of life.  This is an exhilarating experience and is a must for all visitors to the Falls. 

Flights operate all day and have a capacity for five passengers.  Charter flights are also available.  An option is to include a helicopter flip with a white water rafting trip through the Batoka Gorge - it saves the walk from the bottom of the gorge at the end of the day!

VICTORIA FALLS - Flight Options

"The legendary Flight of Angels"

Coined by David Livinstone when he first documented discovering the Falls; "A sight so wonderful that angels must have gazed down on it in flight", the "Flight of Angels" is the most popular of the flight options.

Departing from the helipad, located just 3 kilometers from the Victoria Falls town cencre, the "Flight of Angels" is a scenic flight over Victoria Falls with an airtime of 12-13 minutes.

Flying lower than a conventional, fixed-wing aircraft, you will fly a complete circuit over the Falls in both directions, giving you the best views of the Falls.  A quick trip up river and back over the Zambezi National Park completes your flight.

"The Game Flight"

This option is the same as the "Flight of Angels", but with a longer flying time, with the express purpose of spotting game.

30-minutes of airtime takes you firstly over the Falls and then up river and over the Zambezi National Park.  The best times for the game flight are early morning and late afternoon.  Whilst we cannot guarantee that you will spot game, elephant, buffalo, hippo, crocodile, rhino and giraffe can all be found in the Zambezi National Park and can be seen from the air.

Please Note:

  • Each helicopter has a middle seat so there is no guarantee of a window seat.  Window seats may not be booked - they are on a first come first serve basis.
  • Our helicopters provide service tot he Medical Air Rescue Service for all its search and rescue operations.  Should an emergency arise, your flight may have to be cancelled and rescheduled.
  • Flights may also have to be cancelled due to bad weather.  Should you not be able to reschedule your flight, a full refund will be fiven.
  • USD $10 National Park Usage Fee is NOT included and must be paid in Cash.
  • Trip Includes:  Transfers from all major hotels in the Victoria Falls Town.


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The microlight has an open cockpit for the ultimate adrenaline ride! Microlights have a unique wing-mounted camera which enables clients to capture this exciting experience on film.  There are restrictions that apply on the microlight - a minimum age of six years and maximum mass of 100kg. 


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Charters are available on reuest subject to availability and the approval from the Chief Pilot and the General Manager.  Each charter will be quoted in US Dollars on an individual basis depending on your needs.


Filming are available on request, subject to a full pre-flight briefing to ascertain exact requirements by camera persons/producers etc.  Our areas of speciality include shooting commercials, documentaries and footage for inclusion into full-lenght movies.  No special effects of stunt flying undertaken.

Limited porvision for camera mounts - details available on request prior to filming.  Rates available on request.


TO CONTACT ADVENTURE WORLD:     TEL:  +27 79 648 5899  


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